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Plakira / プラキラ

plakira : 挑戦する面白さと難しさのはざまで

Originally a woodturner dedicated for the traditional craft “Yamanaka-shikki”, Ishikawa-jushi has completely turned its genre as a plastic manufacturer over the generation. Not only the quality, but their ambition towards any challenge is also their great strength. For our brand “Soen” too, this generates power for the brand to reach the next level.



The cause of replacement as a plastic brand / 転身へと導いた樹脂素材

Famously recognised as the origin of “Yamanaka-shikki”, Kaga, Ishikawa is where Ishikawa-jushi began its carrier as a woodturner to create the base product for “shikki”. However, the brand went through a great turnover during its previous generations, to reallocate its genre to a plastic tableware industry dedicated for restaurants. The lightweight, corrosion-proof plastics are also highly compatible for outdoor infrastructure components, thus company managed grow through productions of a wide range of industrial products. At this present day, their factory is in full operation at anytime of the day, producing insulators for electric cables, electric output components used for tunnels and bullet trains, and such products that serve vital parts of the Japanese infrastructure. Such a brand, has now had their focus aimed towards the next generation of a tableware brand, “Plakira”.



Surprisingly hand craft based / 意外なほどに手仕事中心

“Soen” has successfully managed to open up its new entity by the use of colourful, transparent plastic. The search towards a set of colours that can be loved by any generations was thoroughly carried out to achieve Soen’s unique identity. Multiple prototypes were built to balance out the colour of the raw materials, creating a light and yet calm tone. Along with other products, Soen similarly undergoes production 24-7. Despite the amount of work involved, the majority of the operation surprisingly are carried out by hand. Remarkably in polishing, the mastery of artisan must be required. Handmade tools dedicated for each process are used, followed by a burning to give the cups’ edge a smooth finish.



Promotional maneuverability / 魅力をいかに拡散するか

Their challenge reaches beyond product development. Promotional movement through application of sufficient tools; Instagram and other social media to promote new contents, the provocation of new projects via cloud funding media “Makuake”, accompanied by various brand collaborations, all explain why product development is the only beginning, and the passion exerted expands throughout their diverse promotion. We feel that our brand “Soen” as a platform, is greatly stimulated through their motive. Managing to vitalise each other’s strength to encourage a new era of crafting is the brand’s ideal style. Needless to say, their challenge inspire Soen’s leading ethos that take the brand to the next stage.