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metal app studio Demold

demold : ひとりの力が、山をも動かす

As the name states, Eisaku Ko-bo (Eisaku Workshop) is a small workshop established by Sato Eisaku. Although the name reminisces a privately run business, the workshop in fact, is a new form of business team created by FUJIOH, the top shared household rage hood company. The motivity behind the team led by Sato Eisaku, one of the finest artisans in the company, is his enthusiasm and the power to convey it into words.

metal app studio Demold(ディモールド)。家庭用レンジフードの製造・販売で国内トップシェアを誇る富士工業グループ(FUJIOH)が立ち上げた新規事業開発チームだ。佐藤栄作という社内屈指の職人が長をつとめるチームの原動力は、彼の情熱とそれを表現することばの力にある。


Pioneering the possibility of metals / 金属の可能性を開拓する

Dedicated to Sato Eisaku, Eisaku Ko-bo is a team of bespoke metal crafting specialists. The small team of elites investigates the possibility of metals daily, by applying their skills derived from rangehood production. The wall of famous chocolatier “Jean Charles Rochoux” from Paris, and “Yokamon market” in Kumamoto Sation, are all good examples of their masterpiece. Needless to say all of the above is an entirely new, unexperienced genre for them. Unrelated to rangehoods, none of the above holds production background by metal processing Thus the development must be undertaken in a bespoke condition, and the team exerts their compatibility and imagination, along with technology.

佐藤栄作氏をはじめとするオーダーメイドの金属加工を手がけるスペシャリスト集団、Demold。少数精鋭のチームで、レンジフードの製造で培った技術をまったく異なるジャンルで活かし、金属の持つ可能性を日々探求している。たとえば、パリに本店を構えるチョコレートショップ「ジャン-シャルル ロシュー」やJR熊本駅肥後よかもん市場の壁面。世界的にその名を轟かせるライゾマティクスらと共に手掛けた共感覚体験装置である椅子の筐体制作。レンジフードとは異業種、異ジャンルであるばかりか、これまでに金属で作ったことのないプロダクトばかりだ。それゆえオーダーメイドで開発を行う必要があり、彼らの技術力だけでなく、発想力や対応力も試される。


Translation of technique / 技術をことばに変換する

Mr Eisaku clearly states that they do not just directy follow orders for development. “Each technique is similar to living cells. The combination of skills, the orders, the applied force affect the form of the final product. nothing special is needed in order to create something entirely new, but flexible use of one’s current skill is essential. The ability to express his immaculate creativity and skill remarks him as a peerless engineer. Going beyond “Just a craftman in a company” but his social skill and the ambition to expand the possibility towards crafting is particularly mind blowing, and at the same time, it is fair to think how he owns a factory named after Mr Eisaku himself.



The essentials of being an artisan / 良い職人である必要条件

“One’s knowledge is limited. I think making no occasion for inputting keeps you away from becoming a mastership.” As he stated, we went through several meetings during the development of our wine-cooler. As a result, the product had several techniques similar to that of rangehoods. Coating applied has a same colouring as of rangehood. After colouring, clear coating is applied to give the products’ iconic gloss, and some goes through polishing to give a matte finish. Our Wine-coolers are a pioneer for Soen expand beyond a kitchenware brand. Eisaku’s word and the technique that fleshes out, stimulates Soen’s growth and raises its possibility.